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Multi-channel marketing automation for with social media integrations and PPC solutions for large brands and small businesses alike


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Hubspot is a marketing software that has various sections namely Marketing hub, Sales hub, Operations hub, CMS hub, and Service hub. It provides platforms that help companies attract potential customers by providing them with the best customer experience and do business with them.

How it works

The clients and companies using Hubspot incorporate provided tools to connect with customers. Hubspot improves the flexibility of operations for these companies, their level of autonomy, and transparency, a cocktail that attracts many customers.

Features and tools

Online form builder

The form builder allows users to customize forms enabling conversion of visitors to your site to leads. It offers a variety of forms, which enhance efficiency of businesses in gathering customer contacts. It saves time and is helpful mainly to marketers, managers, service teams, and sales teams.

Hubspot CRM

It improves customer relationship management for users such as customer service representatives and operations managers by allowing them to align teams with ease among other activities.

Hubspot marketing hub

It offers a marketing automation software allowing marketers to demonstrate ROI, work together with customers and other personalities, and run effective computerized campaigns.

Hubspot sales hub

The software monitors and manages sales performance. Team leads have an easier time dealing with setbacks because they pinpoint problems as soon as they happen. Some of the services the sales lead teams utilize include use of a highly functioning mobile app, conversation intelligence, tracking deals, automated email sequencing, and CPQ software.

Hubspot service hub

One can perform numerous operations through this versatile customer service software. It helps to provide the best customer service, best fitted to customers’ individual needs. Some of the services it offers include effective chat flows, expansive reporting, ticketing software, and streamlined video email tools.

All the above assist marketers to offer customers tailored services, which leads to high levels of customer retention.


The starter price is $45 per month, which gives you a 10% discount if you pay upfront for the whole year. This means that you pay $540 instead of $600. For professional, it is $800 per month. Similar to the starter pack, you get a 10% discount if you pay the amount for the whole year, which adds up to $9, 600 instead of 10, 680. Their enterprise package starts at $3, 200 monthly translating to $38, 400 per year.

They also offer an array of free tools before you join a payment plan.


  • They offer classes, which eases the learning process
  • Numerous operations in one platform including emailing, email marketing, social media, hosting many web pages, blogs, storing files, forms, and contacts.
  • You get a customized experience based on your user behavior
  • Many marketing tools in one place
  • An all seeing eye on all marketing processes and campaign progresses
  • Great customer support


  • Chat option is unavailable sometimes
  • Inflexible design tools for the website template
  • Requires very fast and highly reliable internet for the reporting process which users may not be able to access every time

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Sending Outbound Emails
  2. Automated Email Responses
  3. Building and Personalizing Emails

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Sandbox / Test Environments
  3. Revenue Analytics
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Cambridge, MA
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  • Marketing Hub Free: $0
  • Marketing Hub Starter: $50
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